AgVision Customers

"The AgVision staff is wonderful!"

Mary Herbster - Morrill Elevator, Kansas
Customer since 1998

"I have learned a lot about how the AgVision Accounts Payable can work for us and benefit us more than just going through Disbursements. The AgVision Inventory program, as well, can be an easier step for us."

Rene' McMullen - Burwell Independent Oil, Burwell, Nebraska
Customer since 1998

"Great company...very friendly and very helpful...AgVision is a great program and company," Dawn said after attending a Fertilizer class at AgVision."

Dawn Chapman - Nassau Farmers Elevator, Nassau, Minnesota
Customer since March 2012

"AgVision was the natural choice. It was the only company that knew grain accounting. It has saved us the expense of at least one full-time employee."

Bob Freudenburg - Oschner Grain Co., Madison, Nebraska
Customer since 1980

"We are able to do more work in less time with greater accuracy. AgVision is a company large enough to offer great products, but small enough to offer the good service we need."

Max & Sharon Smith - Smith Fertilizer and Grain, Knoxville, Iowa
Customer since 1990

Of the Commodity Manager: "This was the best harvest I ever had, even with all the drying. I wish we would have converted earlier."  And of the Fertilizer Manager: "I’ve put hundreds of mix sheets through the system and it’s really cookin’. That’s a really nice little system you’ve got there, and I’m real pleased."

John Beetz - Meriden Grain, Mendota, Illinois
Customer since 1997

Sheree Vohs chose AgVision software for her fertilizer business because it is reasonably priced, has everything she needs and includes quality software support.  "It is a complete inventory package and has easy to understand invoices," she said.

Sheree Vohs - Vohs and Miller Inc., and Quimby Ag, Quimby, Iowa
Customer since April 2014

"Carol took the time to go through the features and show us more than we thought possible for this program. Every employee we saw seemed to go out of their way to introduce themselves, shake our hands and make us feel welcome. Some businesses have lost that. I'm sure you are proud of the employees and you should be."

Chris Mueller - Seatonville Elevator Company, Seatonville, Illinois
Customer since August 2001

"I don't know what we would have done without your hardware/software technicians. They are all so knowledgeable, helpful and kind, and have always helped no matter what new curve was thrown at them. I just can't say enough good things about them."

Robyn Chamberlin - Farmers Union Coop Association, Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska
Customer since 1999

"Your group of people are all outstanding. I'm so glad we have you and your programs to help us keep up with the changing times."

Sharon Beetz - Meriden Grain, Mendota, Illinois
Customer since 1997

Kevin says three qualities helped him choose AgVision Software: "The professionalism of the company and staff; the support; and Ben Fuller's knowledge and straightforwardness of the product."

Kevin Drayer, Owner - Salomonie Mills, Warren, Indiana; and Agland Grain, Bluffton, Indiana
Customer since August 2013

The AgVision Scale Interface is a huge time saver. "Whether it was one ticket or 100 tickets, with the AgVision program, it took only two minutes to process a farmer's grain delivery and then issue a check."

Ruth Mascarelli - A.M. Bickley, Inc.
Customer since November 2008

After going through software training at AgVision: "It's one-on-one and uses our information. That makes it easier to remember and is directly related to real-life situations. Everyone was friendly and helpful."

Patrick Prochno - Stewart Grain Co., Inc., Williamsport, Indiana
Customer since November 1998

"I installed the CM release 3.06.20 and immediately the feedback from the scale operators was positive. We love the expanded window to show more open scale tickets. We appreciate being able to capture disposition information and grades away from the scale operator."

Duane Baker - Tremont Coop Grain Company, Illinois
Customer since March 1985

Using the AgVision Windows AP and Disbursements is: "Awesome! Easy! Quick ... and so cool!"

Kat - Farmers Mill and Elevator, Castle Rock, MN
Customer since July 1986

What helped you to decide to purchase AgVision Software?

"We heard a lot of positive remarks about the company."

Dixie Meyer - Hartung Feed and Grain, Preston, Iowa
Customer since October 2013

"Everyone was great. They made the fear of change a lot easier to handle."

Jamie Grint - Burwell Independent Oil Company, Burwell, Nebraska
Customer since November 1998

"Your service and dependability keeps us a member of the AgVision Family. Your support team is patient, dependable, supportive, knowlegeable and encouraging. Keep up the 'small business" caring in the ever changing 'Big Business World'!"

Elaine Klippert - M & W Grain Ltd., Elizabeth, Illinois
June 1996